African art for sale

All the African artwork pieces for sale are authentic hand-made, one of a kind, and from African artists across the continent. There are no duplicates. Once an item is sold it will be marked as such and replaced with another Africa One Of A Kind piece. We have endeavored to show you the pieces in multiple, high quality photography with descriptions, sizes and price. Some have video clips, and some have featured artists interviewed by us. Enjoy the website, and we’re sure lots of questions will come up, so please speak to us via email, telephone, fax, mobile or book a skype call – we’d love to hear from you. Visit our contact page.

Authenticity and provenance.

Authenticity and provenance is difficult to determine in Africa. Many people have been deceived by purchasing ‘African’ art believing it to be made in a particular year by a particular tribe and artist. Truth is that unless you see the artist making it and purchasing direct from him, nothing is truly 100% guaranteed. We do have some artists where authenticity is guaranteed. These we interviewed and have seen them at work. You can see their video and artworks in this website. But as for the rest of the art in this website, all we can we vouch for is that they come from a particular country. Please read more here.

African art.

Westerners had long misunderstood African art as “primitive.” The term carries with it negative connotations of underdevelopment and poverty. Colonization and the slave trade in Africa during the nineteenth century set up a Western understanding hinged on the belief that African art lacked technical ability due to its low socioeconomic status. At the start of the twentieth century, artists like Picasso, Matisse, Vincent van Gogh, Paul Gauguin and Modigliani became aware of, and inspired by, African art. African Art demonstrates the power of supremely well organized design, a sophisticated  imagination combined with mystical and religious dimensions. (Read more here

  • African artist

    Elitana Sibanda master wood sculptor

    Elitana Sibanda is an African artist that carves his artwork pieces out of one piece of wood. He uses the notoriously difficult wood called ‘leadwood’,...
  • African art one of a kind artist Michele Oro

    African Art Culture

    African Art Culture. Michel comes from the Ivory Coast. He is an artist-entrepreneur and sells a wide variety of African art. The money earned from this,...
  • African art one of a kind artist Michel Oro

    Legend of the African Mother and Child

    Legend of the African Mother and Child We met with artist, entrepreneur and importer Michel Oro Gnoka. Ellen asked why there’s a sculpture of an...
  • African artist

    An interview with an African sculptor

    We had the real privilege to video to Yacouba Coulibali Nanga, a scupltor from the Ivory Coast who has been living in Cape Town South...

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